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Which Reading Is For Me ?

Astrology is an incredible medium for understanding our innate nature, the course of our life  and our place in the world.

Our Natal (birth) chart shows us our essential self.

From very early on in life we can take on others' definitions of who we are and what we are capable of. We can believe these stories about ourselves and live them out.


Studying our chart can reconnect  us with our authentic selves and our potential for this lifetime. 

Scroll down to find which reading would be right for you at this time.  I offer tailored Astrology readings and consultations, both in person and through Skype.

Your Natal Chart Reading

This reading gives you an overview of your self and your soul's journey.

Your Natal Chart is a treasure trove of information about you!

It shows the positions of planets and constellations at the exact moment of your birth and  is the blueprint for your Soul. Together we can discover your innate potential for this lifetime - what you brought with you. We can see your greatest strengths and how to engage with them - and the challenges you have come to meet - and how best to grow from them.   A natal chart reading can help you make sense of the hows and whys of your life, and most especially helps you make sense of your self. It's a wonderful gift for self acceptance and self affirmation, for deepening an understanding of who and what you are, and why you may have attracted certain experiences or made particular life choices.

We can spot repeating patterns that may be past life soul memory imprints, those things that keep happening and you just don't 'get' why?? We can get an idea of what might have happened to you to cause those unconscious patterns, seeing where it comes from is cathartic and can propel us forwards into new positive and life changing patterns.

You're here so your soul can grow through its navigation of its' earthly experience

 Your natal chart is your Souls' map.


Your Transit Reading

This reading looks at what's happening in your liferight now

Whilst a natal chart reading will take an over view of your life's journey, and what you bring with you ... a transit reading will focus on what specifically is happening within and around you now. The planets, whose exact positions at the moment of your birth are recorded on your natal chart, like a snapshot moment in time, are in constant movement; in transit.  A transit reading will look at the relationships and energies being activated between your natal (chart) planets and transiting planets.  This can bring clarity to your current experiences, aid processing of emotions around them and highlight the opportunities they present.  Instead of being the victim of confusion and chaos, we can take the reins, take control and step back into our personal power. 


Your Issue Reading

This reading is for specific issues you want to work with

Through looking at your natal chart and transiting planets, we can decode and get to grips with any issue causing you concern or curiosity. This could be long standing or more recent and on any topic.


Astrology Classes

I run compact beginner Astrology classes online. This is a 5 week course over Skype, one evening per week, two hours per session covering the basics. My intention is to demystify the birth chart and impart enough knowledge for you to begin to read charts for yourself. The cost of the beginner's course is £75. 


Baby Chart Package

This is a natal chart reading with a beautiful hand drawn chart for a new born or young child, designed to shine a light on your little one's behaviours and potentials. It's a valuable tool for understanding what your child brings with them, and makes a unique gift to welcome a new born soul.

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